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Does the system Dial 911? Our police use Rave Mobile Safety. Why Change?

  Does the system Dial 911?  YES. VoIP service allows users to place and receive calls to and from traditional phone numbers using an internet connection and can be used in place of traditional phone service. Because VoIP phones can be used anywhere an internet connection is available, the 911 call center cannot locate callers unless the caller has registered the VoIP device to a physical address through the VoIP provider. (EASY TASK)  Learn more about VoIP devices from the FCC. Our police use Rave Mobile Safety.  Why Change?  You are not changing.  You are just using a alerting system designed solely for Alyssa's Law that is also vastly more affordable. Annual costs are in the hundreds of dollars per school with NO hidden costs or fees.  The system has no restrictions on usage as well.  Our system is already in use at schools that utilize Rave Mobile Safety.  Referrals on Request. Our system can also send alerts to Rave Mobile Safety at no additional charge.

Does the system By Pass 911

Absolutely not!  Our system enhances your schools outreach during an emergency so as to avoid the limitation of a 911 ONLY call out capability.  Often times, teachers, administrators and local school security personnel are the initial 1st responders and often times several minutes before police arrive.  When lives are at stake, seconds count.  Relying solely on 911 lengthens the response process significantly. The system also provides the ability to alert parents, family and friends with a separately designed, canned response.  The system delivers "cascaded" alerts whereby each alert might contain different content but all activated under the same "Scenario".  One alert to the police, one to teachers, one to students, one to school security, one to family and friends.  This unique ability is a powerful tool that avoids panic with improperly disseminated alert information to the wrong people.   This is a byproduct of our unmatched military alerting system which will bring great life saving technology to all NJ schools.

Can this system provide location-based services?

The system provides detailed location services right down to the room and owner of the panic button  activated.  ex:  Mrs. Johnson, English teacher in room 101 activates a physical panic button or mobile app panic button.  Full location-based services are provided instantly.  The police for example will not only receive a call but also be sent a map with location information to desktop popups. text messages, mobile apps and email.  i.e.  The police will receive a graphical POPUP screen on their computer within seconds.

Is your system certified by New Jersey?

YES! Our company is the ONLY U.S. owned FEMA IPAWS alert platform certified for usage on IP-Based networks nationwide, not just NJ.  This certification reciprocates with all U.S. States.

Does the system install without on-site engineers?

Yes.  Our panic buttons are USB PLUG-N-PLAY buttons.  The software installs in under one minute without vendor assistance.

Will the system synchronize with our roster list automatically?

Yes.   You can in-place a macro script that automatically uploads via SFTP daily.  Our system will match the update instantaneously insuring only systems registrants will be alerted.   

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New Jersey - Alyssa's Law for Panic Alarm System

Silent Alarm Panic Buttons

Alyssa’s Law requires New Jersey’s K-12 Public Schools to have a panic alarm that is linked directly to local law enforcement by September 2019

Certified by Defense Information Systems Agency (DISA)

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Preventing Harm & Loss

Emergency Help Stations deliver emergency notifications, communications, and management systems that help you respond much more quickly and effectively in an emergency

We offer full engineering and design services to create a custom school security system unique to each school. Our highly experienced security experts are here to help you design and build the solution needed to protect your districts students and personnel. .  Proven successes at schools nationwide.

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About Us

Our Alyssa's Law Program enables any school district to immediately gain significant compliance with this new law using Plug-N-Play technology.

We may be international, but follow the tradition of great New Jersey innovations. Conceived in Chatham as a response to the horrific events of 9/11, founder Howard Ryan saw the same cars were parked at the train station, dusty and unmoved for a week, and knew their owners might not ever come back for them. This was the impetus for Desktop Alert. Ryan determined he could change how emergency communications were alerted in future events and could significantly mitigate subsequent emergent events based on the rapid dissemination of actionable intelligence to those in harm’s way. Armed with the desire to see that this would never happen again with such a toll on human lives and collateral damage, Ryan developed this alert system to make that a fact instead of a desire. 

Alyssa's Law Alarm System In A Box

Alyssa's Law-In-a-Box BENEFITS

This U.S. Department of Defense Certified Mass Notification Platform meets and exceeds the requirements for Alyssa’s Law,. 

Press The Button

Instantly,phone calls, text messages, desktop alerts to computers and mobile devices are activated.  This system enables calls to the police BUT also, to any other end-users/groups desired by your district.  This is key.  A 911 Center is not always the quickest way to relay a emergency message.  A 911 call center intake can take a minute or more.  . This multi-call-alert capability extends and speeds up how schools can effectively communicate urgent messages that keep students and personnel safe. 

ex: The system sends alerts to the Police as well as the schools local security personnel and approved alert recipients insuring everyone is on the same page at the same time during an emergent event.  The system insures on-premise security is notified in 10 seconds or less.

The new law requirements:

  1. Public elementary and secondary schools must install panic buttons for use in the event of a non-fire evacuation, lock-down, or active shooter threat that will remain silent while alerting local law enforcement.
  2. Must be provided by licensed fire alarm engineers
  3. Must call police directly at a minimum

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  • NJ A764
  • "Alyssa's Law"; requires public school buildings to be equipped with panic alarm linked to local law enforcement.**

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