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Alyssa’s Law requires New Jersey’s K-12 Public Schools to have a panic alarm that is linked directly to local law enforcement by September 2019. See the News. Our panic button/panic alarm system now in use by the US Military worldwide has just been made available to schools across America.  With this system each school will be licensed for unlimited panic buttons, administrators, moderators, mobile apps and zero phone/sms data charges for all events.  This is a fixed fee PER school district.

K-12 schools across New Jersey are now required to meet new safety standards after the states Governor passed “  Alyssa’s Law  The law’s namesake is Alyssa Alhadeff, a victim of the Parkland shooting that killed 17 people at Marjory Stoneman Douglas Highschool.

Internet of Things (IoT) – Our Alyssa's Law Program enables any school district to immediately gain and exceed compliance with this new law using Plug-N-Play technology.

Self-Install  – Using our software products and devices there is NO need to pay for on-site engineers or installers.

Timing policies – Our products and services are available on a 1st come first serve basis.

Auto daily uploads of CSV Roster via SFTP - insuring accurate alert Targeting. 

New Jersey Born –  We may be international, but follow the tradition of great New Jersey inventions. Conceived in Chatham as a response to the horrific events of 9/11, founder Howard Ryan saw the same cars were parked at the train station, dusty and unmoved for a week, and knew their owners might not ever come back for them. This was the impetus for Desktop Alert. Ryan determined he could change how emergency communications were alerted in future events and could significantly mitigate subsequent emergent events based on the rapid dissemination of actionable intelligence to those in harm’s way. Armed with the desire to see that this would never happen again with such a toll on human lives and collateral damage, Ryan developed Alert Systems to make that a fact instead of a desire. 

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 Signup here to track all schools now using Alyssas Law-In-A-Box. 

Report Drugs or Alcohol

Enables reporting student substance abuse to law enforcement as well as on when and how to search students and their belongings for evidence of AOD use, possession, or distribution. 

Two large-scale surveys of secondary school students are examined. Sample 1 included 4,179 students who responded to the California Drug Use Survey, which was modified to include questions about substance use and school violence. Sample 2 included 4,595 students who completed the California School Climate and Safety Survey, which includes items about school violence victimization and questions regarding youths' perceptions of substance use on their school campuses. The results show that both self-reported substance use and perception of frequency of substance use on campus were significantly associated with school violence. 


Threats / Active Shooter

 According to the Safe School Initiative, 81% of the time at least one person had information about a student’s plans prior to a school attack. In almost every case that individual was a fellow student, sibling or peer. Students must feel comfortable reporting information to a trusted adult and know that breaking the “code of silence” is essential to keeping the school safe. Students and teachers must also be trained to look for behaviors or activities that appear suspicious and know what to do when they observe or have information about potential violence. 

Students must also be able to use their mobile devices to send an alert during  an active shooter event!

 This mobile app enables instant reporting of the matter to police and the schools approved alert recipients.   All alerts sent by students include location based services.

Bullying / Cyber Bullying


With rapid student reports, and when adults respond quickly and consistently to bullying behavior they send the message that it is not acceptable. Research shows this can stop bullying behavior over time. 

Parents, school staff, and other adults in the community can help kids prevent bullying by talking about it, building a safe school environment, and creating a community-wide bullying prevention strategy.




 School safety and security is increased by limiting the availability of weapons and potential weapons on school grounds. Both state and federal law regulate the possession of firearms and other dangerous weapons at school and near schools.   Often times, students are first to be aware of such threats.  This mobile app enables instant reporting of the matter to police and the schools approved alert recipients.

Assaults / Sexual Assaults

 Sexual harassment and sexual assault is happening at your schools. It begins in elementary schools and occurs with alarming frequency in middle and high schools. The victims are girls, boys, and gender non-conforming students. It’s a form of discrimination and it’s against federal law under Title IX

 This mobile app enables instant reporting of the matter to police and the schools approved alert recipients. 

Depression / Suicide Concerns

Depression and suicidal thoughts are two of the most frightening things a person can face in their lifetime. Unfortunately, acting on those suicidal thoughts is a far too common scenario for many across the world, including students. In fact, suicide is the second-leading cause of death for those between the ages of 15 and 24.

 This mobile app enables instant reporting of the matter to police and the schools approved alert recipients.  

benefits of the alyssas's law plug-n-play system

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Our technology connects schools, triage team(s) and law enforcement in real-time during a crisis situation. The physical, mobile and desktop panic buttons are accessible to administrators, faculty/staff and law enforcement, which strengthens and shortens response times to a crisis in comparison to traditional 911 methods.

  • Live connection with school      building(s) in a crisis
  • Automatically inform triage      team(s), real-time communications
  • Select to simultaneously inform      Police and Fire of threat
  • Unified communications with      building and all first responders
  • Incident mapping of building and      room locations
  • Activate alerts from any computer      or mobile device
  • Automatic alert notifications      broadcast to computers and mobile devices

Organizations can use the system for drill exercises as a component of emergency response preparations for different situations.

Faculty and staff can:

  • Send panic button alerts to      designated emergency contacts
  • Receive emergency messages to      their phones or computers/laptops
  • Automatically send their location      on a map
  • Unlimited mobile app downloads

Emergency Procedures and Plans

  • Access emergency procedures      directly from their smartphone or tablet
  • Access emergency building plans      directly from their smartphone or tablet
  • Update and publish emergency      procedures, 24/7
  • Full customization and secure

Emergency notifications

  • Send emergency push notifications      to staff during a crisis
  • Create faculty and staff groups by      campus or district-wide
  • Send mass emergency notifications      to one or more groups at a time

In a crisis situation, school districts or schools can sharing information together on their computers, phones and/or forward incidents to law enforcement for immediate action.